Terms And Conditions

1. Introduction

These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between Nora Belle Designs (“We” or “the Company”) and registered users (“You”) regarding works submitted for inclusion in our services as defined on www.norabelledesigns.com, either in writing or verbally agreed.

1.2 Agreement Acceptance

You and Nora Belle Designs agree that your access to and use of the Site is subject to your agreement to the terms and conditions listed below, which will form a binding agreement between you and Nora Belle Designs (the “Agreement”). Nora Belle Designs grants access to the Site and performs requested services (the “Services”) only upon your acceptance of these terms. Please read these terms carefully, including the Definitions section at the end. After reading the terms, if you agree, indicate your decision by clicking “Continue” after entering your full name and email during sign-up.

1.3 Representation and Authorization

If you are using this Site, entering this agreement for the Services, registering and creating a Nora Belle Designs account, or providing information on behalf of others, you represent and warrant that you are duly authorized to do so on their behalf and bind them to this agreement. The term “you” includes all such individuals and entities.

1.4 Eligibility

The Site is available only to individuals or corporate entities capable of forming legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you do not qualify, you must not use the services on the Site.

1.5 Use of the Site

These Terms & Conditions set the terms for using the Site, whether as a guest or registered user, including access, browsing, or registration.

1.6 Service Provider Relationship

Our relationship is that of a service provider, and these terms do not establish a partnership, agency, or representation between us.

1.7 Information Disclaimer

The information on the Site is general and not advisory. Nora Belle Designs does not control, research, verify, or validate content or information uploaded to the Site. Users should verify content accuracy and use caution when using the Site.

1.8 License

Services provided by Nora Belle Designs are under a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-assignable license. You may not copy, sell, or exploit the services for commercial purposes.

2. Confidentiality

2.1 Confidential Information

You agree to keep confidential information related to the Company’s business and practices unless it is publicly available or required by law.

2.2 Information Sharing

We may provide information about the performance of your services to third parties and use such information for dissemination.

2.3 Usage Restrictions

Usage of Lyrics is limited to personal, non-commercial use. You may not reproduce, publish, modify, or create derivative works from Lyrics or assign, transfer, or transmit Lyrics to a third party.

3. Changes

3.1 Changes to Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at our discretion. You should review them regularly. If you disagree with changes, you may terminate this agreement.

3.2 Changes to the Site

We may update the Site and its content without notice. We do not guarantee error-free content, but we welcome feedback to improve the Site.

4. Registered Users

4.1 Benefits of Registered Users

To fully enjoy the services, you must create an account as a Registered User. Registered Users can receive updates, access listed services, personalize their profiles, use special offers, store content files, create playlists, and more.

4.2 User Identification

Keep your user identification code and password confidential. Notify us if you suspect unauthorized access.

4.3 Account Suspension

We reserve the right to disable user identification codes or passwords for non-compliance or site unavailability.

4.4 Tax Responsibility

You are responsible for taxes arising from your use of the Site, and you indemnify Nora Belle Designs against any related claims.

4.5 Acceptance

We may exercise discretion in accepting Registered Users and can block or suspend usage for various reasons, including non-compliance with these terms.

4.6 Marketing Content

By becoming a Registered User, you consent to receive marketing content and account notifications from Nora Belle Designs through various channels, including email and SMS messages.